Rethink recycling with
The RightCycle Program

Single-use PPE and wet wipes do not need to end up in a landfill. Through The RightCycle Program, eligible Kimberly-Clark Professional products can be transformed into new consumer goods. Help accelerate your journey to zero landfill waste with this hassle-free, highly traceable recycling service.

How does The RightCycle Program work?

Step 1

Used eligible Kimberly-Clark Professional PPE is collected at your facility.

Step 2

Collected PPE is transported to our recycling partner.

Step 3

Products are sorted and processed into plastic pellets. 

Step 4

Raw materials are molded into new consumer products.

Frequently asked questions

There is no cost to participate in The RightCycle Program. However, participants must pay to ship their used products to our recycling partners via their preferred carrier.

Only Kimberly-Clark Professional products are eligible for The RightCycle Program. Our products have been tested to ensure that they will be recyclable through the program and provide a consistent output for manufacturers. We cannot guarantee that products from other companies meet our processing criteria.

Transparency in every step

Want to know what happens to your lab waste after it's collected?
Check out this behind-the-scenes video of the RightCycleTM process and meet the business partners that support our program.

Interested in our RightCycle™ Program?

RightCycle Program eligible products apply to non-hazardous waste streams only as classified by federal, state, and local regulations.