Kimtech™ Brand gloves protect your process and your employees from known and unknown risks while delivering comfort, dexterity, quality and the assurance to do your best work. They work hand in hand with other head-to-toe solutions from Kimberly-Clark Professional — the global leader in lab and cleanroom PPE and wiping products.


Kimtech Brand apparel provides seamless protection when and where it matters most — closing the gaps in your protection. As a global leader in lab and cleanroom personal protective equipment (PPE), Kimberly-Clark Professional products work together to enhance comfort, compliance and productivity.

Masks & Respirators

Our Kimtech Masks and Respirators help keep contaminants from getting in or out, providing seamless protection for your people and process. As a global leader in PPE and wiping solutions for labs and cleanrooms, we offer an array of options to meet your needs in facial protection.


When it comes to precision cleaning in a scientific environment, you need wiping products you can trust. Our innovative wiping solutions provide the assurance you need to do your best work while protecting critical environments and processes.